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Interesting ways of defending yourself in court

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 by in Defending Yourself |

Even if you’re a law abiding citizen, situations which result in criminal defense may still happen to you. One of the worst things that can happen to a law abiding citizen is a danger of bodily harm or even death by another person. In order to defend yourself, which is a primal instinct, you may not realize you’re breaking the law.


The first criminal defense we will review refers to the situation mentioned above. The defense of duress. In this defense strategy the accused pleads innocent by stating that he or she did what was necessary in order to defend from someone. This applies only to serious bodily harm or death. In order for this strategy to work, the defendant must have made less harm than what the attacker planned to inflict. So have in mind that, even in self defense, you still have to care for the other person and make sure you don’t do more than what is necessary.


Should You Defend Yourself In Court?

Another thing we have for you today is ”Defense of automatism”. Defense of automatism is a defense in which the defendant claims that he or she was unaware or unable to control him/herself. The things people claim caused the state of unawareness are usually delusion, incapacitation, severe mental disability and even sleepwalking. In conclusion, they were in a state of mind in which they had no control over their actions, didn’t realize that what they were doing is illegal or wrong, or even no knowledge of their actions. There are two types of automatism, the insane one, and non insane one read more here  .

For the insane automatism cases, the accused usually gets psychiatric care or some other appropriate care, and for non insane automatism cases, the accused gets acquitted or the sentence turns out to be a lot lighter than it would have been.

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