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Two of the most notorious insanity defense cases

As the title says, in this article we will talk about two of the most notorious insanity defense cases, so if you’re curious as to how they turned out and what happened, stick around and find out.

knife_1784683cFirst off, we will talk about the curious case of Steven Steinberg. Steven Steinberg killed his wife by stabbing her with a kitchen knife over and over again, 26 times. After the terrifying act, he also called the police to report what had happened. In this report he claimed there was a break in, an attempted burglary, but when the police came, there were no signs of a break in.

It was clear that Steinberg has killed his wife. In court he claimed that he had been sleeping when the act actually happened and that he admits he killed his wife, but not intentionally. Sleepwalking is a kind of defense which is called ”Defense of automatism” and a person can claim temporary insanity, thus freeing him from all actions, since he wasn’t able to control himself. Because of temporary insanity and in spite of the fact that he tried to sell the burglary story, he was found not guilty and set free by the jury.

Second case is the one of Andrew Goldstein.
Andrew Goldstein has had a history of mental illness, schizophrenia. He claimed to hear voices, that his genitalia will enlarge if he ate contaminated food, that someone dissected his brain and even that a man named Larry was stealing and eating his poop.

Andrew Goldstein Case

The crime he committed was killing a certain woman by pushing her in front of an upcoming train. The controversy of this case is that he, himself tried to get help from medical institutions. He tried to get hospitalized thirteen times during the period from 1997 to 1998 and each time he got refused. All of his actions before the trial didn’t matter and he was still found guilty, but in the light of this case, a new law emerged. The new law was called Kendra’s law, which allowed the family members to hospitalize their relatives even if they were involuntary.

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